Markku Kaikkonen


Everyone has the potential to learn music

This presentation introduces Music Centrte Resonaari(Helsinki, Finland) and many-sided approaches to special music education practices used in Resonaari.

Music Centre Resonaariconsists of a music school and a research and development unit. The Resonaari Music School primarily targets students with special educational needs – intellectual or physical disabilities, learning or comprehension problems, or other challenges that prevent them from conventional music studies. Resonaari also does research and development work, produces material, organizes courses and complementary education and keeps up a network for professionals, associations, polytechnics and universities in Finland and abroad.


Many-sided teaching process for diverse learners

This presentation introduces many-sided music education approaches developed in the Music Centre Resonaari. All media of music teaching (movement, singing, playing & listening) are used as a part of the teaching processes. Also FigureNotes – a concrete way to show notation – will be introduced. Presentation will have practical exercises but also video clips from teaching situations.


Rhythm as a starting point in teaching diverse learners

This presentation will introduce examples of rhythm-based teaching approaches and tasks that can be easily varied and cued to meet the versatile skill levels and needs of the students. The approaches in music learning and teaching are combined with the practices (imitation, echo, note reading, language usage, composing, and music technology) as well as other media of teaching approaches (like singing, movement, playing). Presentation will have practical exercises but also video clips from teaching situations.


Markku Kaikkonen works as a director at Special Music Centre Resonaari. He received his MMus (music educator and therapist) at Sibelius Academy (Helsinki, Finland) and accomplished Advanced Studies in Dance and Music Pedagogy at University Mozarteum’s Orff Institute (Salzburg, Austria). He is a co-author/editor of dozens music education books and articles. He has been leader or co-leader of several Special Music Education development projects and is co-developer of FigureNotes together with Kaarlo Uusitalo.

Mr. Kaikkonen is a guest lecturer in continuing education programs in Finland and abroad. He is a boardmember of Finnish Society for Music Education and Concert Centre Finland and member of pedagogical team of Orff-Schulwerk Association of Finland (JaSeSoi ry). He served as a commissioner (full terms during 2012-2018) and chair (2014-2016) in Commission on Special Music Education & Music Therapy of International Society for Music Education ISME.